Mt. Mansfield

Hiked nearly to the top of Mt. Mansfield this afternoon from Underhill State Park. We were watching some weather moving in and headed down shortly after reaching the alpine area on the west face. We managed to get to the car just as the sun was setting and the rain started falling.

NYS Ride

Another ride over to NYS. I took the early ferry to Essex, NY this morning, hoping to do another century. The legs and stomach didn’t have it – I settled for 50 miles and took the ferry back to Burlington. Enjoyed a wonderful cafe in Essex, and chatting with cyclists on a tandem from Montreal circling Lake Champlain and staying in B&B’s along the route.

Lake Placid Century

Did a great loop – left home and caught the 8am ferry to Port Kent.
Road approx 90 miles in NYS, enjoying the Ausable River Valley, Keen Valley, and a tough climb on Rt. 73. Dropped into Lake Placid for lunch, at about mile 50. Circled Mirror Lake, then headed back to Port Kent via Rt 86, past Whiteface Mt.

Beautiful, even with a depressed and remnanted Ernesto threatening to rain. I missed the 3:30 ferry back to Burlington by 2 minutes, so I waited an hour for the next one – then the hour crossing. Ride time was 6:30, which is fast for me doing 100 miles, especially with all the climbing! Total time was near 10 hours with the 3 hours given over to ferries and waiting for them, lunch, and a quick stop in Keen.