Winter Bike

Seems I always need something to do with my hands… designing and building furniture, crafting a timber frame, or working on a bike or two. I’m converting the Trek 520 from a straight road / touring rig to an all rounder – replacing the drop bars with Nitto Moustache’s, swapping out the brake pads for some all weather grippy types, and re-cabling the controls. I’ve got a set of 35mm cross tires waiting to meet the rims, have mounted the Brooks Swift, and I’ll get that rack remounted for the Ortlieb’s. The SPD pedals will come off – I’m anxious have a steed to ride in street shoes – so I’ll mount up some flat pedals and try the Power Grips I found in the clearance bin at West Hill. I’ve taken inspiration from Kent who is always mucking around with bikes and bike stuff, and David who is ready to ride this winter with a conversion all his own. I’m hoping the Trek will be a fun all-rounder that I won’t be shy about taking out as the sand and salt hit the roads… and I have to admit that I always feel a bit over outfitted riding the IF up to the corner (complete with LOOK cleated shoes) for a quick post office, hardware store, or grocery run.

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  1. The Trek certainly can’t compare to your Pugsley! I’ve eyed one of those for some time now… I think it would be perfect for some of the trails here – winter or not. The IF is a fine steed – certainly my favorite of the bunch – the ride is like no other I’ve owned. Wish I could have several of them, all built for me… but that is not in the financial plans.

  2. Mike –

    Nice work on the Trek. I shared a bit more of the Ralegh Retrotech story tonight and thought you might be interested.

    Is it true you’re riding the Glacier Park 1000K with us in June?

    Keep the pedal’s turnin’


  3. David,

    I’ll check out the post. Glacier is on my list, as PBP will be a bit out of reach next year. You live near some wonderful country – so I’m hoping to enjoy a long ride out there!

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