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I love my Brooks saddles. I’ve ridden a Team Pro, B17, Swift, and my favorite on the IF is a Ti Swallow. Reading the Rando Group I’ve heard some positive chatter about Selle An-Atomica saddles. The creator of the saddle started with a traditional leather saddle and modified, tested, modified, and tested using various leather thicknesses, shapes, and cutouts. The result of the effort is a traditional leather saddle with an anatomical cut out.

My saddle arrived last week and I have a few roller sessions on it. It’s taken a bit of adjustment to get it fit correctly – in addition to height and fore / aft offset the tension of the leather can be adjusted. The saddle initially felt like a hammock – incredibly soft as it cradled me on the bike. I’m still working on how firm it should feel – and I’ll need to do this as I get it on the road. I fussed with seat height and tilt and found that the An-Atomica had to be mounted slightly higher, and with a bit less tilt than my previous ride. The cutout creates more flexibility – almost a suspension – than the Swallow I’ve broken in over thousands of miles.

My initial reaction is that this will be a great saddle for long distance – and I say that knowing that my Brooks’ have served me well. I ordered the heavier gauge in pre-treated ‘Second Skin Watershed’ leather. According to the manufacturer I shouldn’t have to worry about this saddle in the rain (no more grocery bags for me!).

I’m anxious to get out on a long road ride with the An-Atomica and give it a proper test – but the longest of my roller sessions (two hours) left me more comfortable than the Swallow – and I think the suspension qualities and width of the split design will shine 200k into an event.

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  1. hey bmike! thing looks cool. do you switch out your saddles or didja get another bike?!! you put this on the IF? that’s what it looks like in the pic.

  2. I did put it on the IF. Moving my Brooks to a Surly CrossCheck FG build that I’ll write about if the parts ever arrive…!

  3. Hey Mike,

    I finally found your blog and linked it from my blog. Its been a fun read so far going backwards through the archives.

    I put the same saddle on my new Thorn touring bike. Looks promising, but with winter here I haven’t had a chance to ride it much. That will change soon – I hope.

    Keep us posted on how it works for you on LD rides.

  4. How is the saddle treating you? Seems like some folks on the Randon list aren’t loving their SAs any more after problems when getting wet – even the waterproof ones.

    I haven’t got any miles on mine since the first few rides in January. Spring is almost here and my SA equipped bike will be my go to ride for inner city jaunts so I’ll be able to evaluate it a bit soon.

  5. Vik,

    So far so good. I’ve read the rumblings on the Randon list… and I hope I don’t have any issues!

    I have roller and trainer sessions on it, as well as a winter century. I found that the saddle needed to be quite higher than my Brooks – mainly due to the way the An-atomica changes shape when riding. I thought I had it set correctly on the rollers – but getting on the road I needed to move it about 3/8″ higher to feel comfortable.

    I do plan on putting a nut to act as a locknut on the adjusetment bolt. Not sure on the size – but I’ll take the whole mess to the hardware store next chance I get.


  6. Greetings, Mike.

    Long time no post – how was your season? And how did the SA serve you?

    Hope to see you out west for the Cascade 1200 i n2008.

    All the best,


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