June Century – Smuggler’s Notch

Rode a great century from Burlington through Smuggler’s Notch and back. Climbed the notch from Jeffersonville and discovered that the further I got along the better I felt – the first 1/3 of the ride was muggy and humid – the last 2/3 the temperature started to drop and I found my legs. Upon reaching the top I discovered a traffic jam and I caught nearly every motorcycle and car that passed me while I struggled up the grade. The story from the Harley folks on the downward side was that as troopers were working a previous wreck a motorcycle came around a tight corner and crashed into the back of an emergency vehicle. The rider went to the hospital with a broken wrist and possibly broken ribs. I came round the corner just as they were getting the bike on the tow vehicle.

The ride down was supposed to be the fun part – but with all the traffic I took it easy and was approached by every other car in line about what was happening ahead. After clearing traffic I had the whole lane nearly all the way to Stowe, as traffic didn’t start moving until I was enjoying some lunch at Harvet Market on the Mountain Road.