Pic of the Week

I made the pic of the week over at Adventure Cycling. I submitted this a long long time ago – it was nice to get a confirmation email and finally see it online. The pic is of my IF ClubRacer from the Burlington waterfront on a cold and rainy day. I took off for a long ride, but after about 10 miles in the fog and misty rain I turned around and headed for home.

Posting has been sporadic. I’m working on a bike related business and spending much of my spare time developing the website, products, and planning. More later, as I delve into a human powered endeavor.

3 Responses to “Pic of the Week”

  1. Doug says:

    That’s cool to get a picture selected. It’s got me thinking if I have any worth submitting.

    I’m curious about what your bicycle related business is? Looking forward to finding out what it is once it’s up and running. I’ve had an e-based business related to bikes getting tossed around in my head for the past year now. I know nothing about website design, so that’s been holding me back.

  2. Vik says:

    Good luck with your new enterprise…I’m excited to hear what you have in the works…=-)

  3. Doug says:

    Yeah, what Vik said!! I, too, am excited that you have undertaken this venture. Best of luck!! I’ve added the new website to my list of links.