BMT: 196
Utility Miles (non Bakfiets): 49
Other Miles: 236

Mamafiets got out on the bak this week – it was her first test ride with cargo. We toured the parking lot at local park, then ventured downtown to the Earth Clock and back home. We also had our first trip in a serious rain – my Carradice rain cape worked perfectly – and I found a bit of room to keep my newly rebuilt Schmidt dynohub wheel out of the weather.

I’ve been riding with a small group on Sunday mornings – we usually roll by 7am and explore lower traffic roads. We are a motley bunch – our bikes change depending on the ride and the weather – I’ve been out on the IF and on the Surly riding fixed – my ride partners have had a Kogswell (650b, fixed or with and 8sp hub), 2 different Raleigh conversions (1 with Albatross bars and 8sp hub, the other fixed), and an A Homer Hilson.

This past weekend I stitched together a route that was 70% dirt roads – ~84 miles with 3800 feet of climbing, most of the grades on the dirt between 7-9% with several topping out at 13%. Wonderful views of Camel’s Hump, Mount Mansfield, and the Adirondacks.

The route is part of my mapping for a few RUSA permanents I’m working on. At the suggestion of my ride mates I may turn this into a Populaire – and stitch parts of it into my 200k route.