Sunday Dirt

Got out for 50 this Sunday morning with Jim and John. We had a partial dirt tour from Richmond to Huntington and mixed in some quiet paved roads to stitch ourselves a loop. The three of us + Patrick are riding the D2R2 in a few weeks – and in addition to ‘training’ we all really like scenic, quiet dirt roads. We took the busy (even on a Sunday AM) Rt. 2 out of town, headed past Catamount on Mountain View Rd. – then dipped down to the valley on Gov. Chittenden Highway – a great seasonal road. In Richmond we followed the Winooski east a bit, then turned up on the edge of Camel’s Hump State Park. We were rewarded for the 15% grade with some great views of a quiet valley. Along pond road there is a – pond. We cut down to Huntington and then through the hollow to Hinesburg, scouting a few more dirt roads for a future ride. We wrapped up at John’s, and a cold Smuttynose hit the spot. I also picked up our cake pan from John – as we left it awhile back at dinner. It rode home on the Mark’s Rack (more on that later) held down with my improvised helmet strap / double strap method.

I met mamafiets and Ava at yoga for the ride home. I was tickled to see the Bak parked in a spot normally occupied by a car. Jen surprises me sometimes with her logic… which is great. At the beach she simply parked in the parking slot next to her girlfriends – at yoga she didn’t want to wrestle the bak over the curb – and figured if a motorcycle can park in the lot – then she could. (oh how I love thee…) I had 45 minutes to wait so I let the beer do its work and napped under a tree. We headed for home with a grocery stop and then were off to Plainfield to dinner with friends.

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  1. Beautiful Jen! I think the parking spot logic is astoundingly obvious and wonderful yet maybe never done before:)

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