Not D2R2

At the last minute I canceled my trip to D2R2. Jen was feeling ill all day Friday so halfway to Deerfield I turned the car around and returned home to take care of the little one. As frustrating as it was to miss a ride I do need to keep perspective on family – and I managed to get the exterior decks sealed and tear apart and reinstall a new jamb on the front door.

I managed a quick ride on Sunday before heading off for points south for a work road trip. Down through Charlotte to spin my legs into a nasty headwind. The bike was rigged for D2R2 – I pulled the lights and fenders, and installed some Pasela 32’s. I’ve been riding the Pasela’s on the Surly – I’m not sold on them. I really like the way the Conti’s ride…

4 Responses to “Not D2R2”

  1. Doug says:

    Bummer, I was looking forward to that ride report. It looks like a great ride.

    I wasn’t impressed at all with the two sets of Pasela’s I had a couple of years ago. I fail to see why they are so popular. They weren’t flat resistant at all and had super soft sidewalls that didn’t hold up very well. ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mike, if you don’t want the Paselas we can work out a trade. Or i’ll buy ’em from ya.


  3. bmike says:

    I’ve been using them on the Surly when I don’t want the knobby cross tires. For a town tire I think they would be fine… but I’m just not sold yet on how they roll. (and I can only use them on the IF when I pull the fenders…)

  4. Vik says:

    Would 30mm Grand Bois tires fit? They roll nicely and feel very comfy. Put them on my friend’s commuter bike – she isn’t a bike geek and doesn’t pay much attention to her bike. I got a text msg that day saying the tires rocked ’cause she was much faster [3kpk @ 23KPH] than usual and very comfy.