Smells like Fall

Looks like it too. Did a quick ride with the boys tonight – I hadn’t eaten all day, and couldn’t bear to choke down the Clif Bar floating in the bottom of my Barley. I pulled hard for the first half of the ride and then was humbled climbing up Irish Hill. I let the boys go on the inbound leg – really wanted to hang as the wind was howling off the lake and could have used the help getting home – but I struggled in to warm soup and a smiling little one (and the cookies I baked earlier in the day!).

Feeling good for D2R2 on Saturday. I won’t set any course records and I’ll probably ditch my control card as I’m approaching this as an end of season sight seeing / social ride.

Building my plans for next season – I’m finally starting to feel like my base is back in form – now to hold it and improve it through the winter, ditch this extra baggage around my waist that I’ve been carrying around, and tune my fitness for a full brevet season capped with a 1000 or 1200k.

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