Endless Mountains 1240k

I just sent in my registration for the Endless Mountains 1240k. The ride starts in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and is put on by a very active and successful RBA. For a short time in 2000 I lived a few towns over from the ride start – I was working with a friend surveying, dismantling, moving, and repairing historic barns (we turned 2 of them into houses). The country that the ride traverses is beautiful. I have just about a year to build on my base and get my rando legs back under me – I hope to not only complete the ride – but enjoy the scenery and maybe stop and smell the flowers along the way. I’ll need to complete a full brevet series to qualify – and I’d like to add a fleche to the mix to hone night riding and sleep deprivation skills.

Something I’ve learned over the last few years is that it is important for me to have goals and targets. This year I stayed motivated by planning and riding a solo 300k through the ADKs. With the 1200k on the horizon I’ll be able to build on a series of small goals that lead to the big event. It should be an interesting year.


Some snaps from the last few weeks – its been busy. The lake, a trip to the Boston Aquarium, Jen’s first triathlon (she placed 8th of 46th in her group! Not bad for a new mom!), a stop at my favorite cafe, Crocs and Baks, and fall has arrived.


Stitched together the last bit of a 200k mixed terrain ride… hopefully to become a registered RUSA permanent. Three route options range from 70 miles to 125 miles. The usual suspects will be tackling the 90 miles to verify the cue sheet in early October and I’ll get out solo to confirm the extended closing leg of the 200k route in late October.

Lots and lots of dirt – maybe 80% of the route. Plenty of climbing. Fantastic views to Mansfield and Camel’s Hump – even a quick peak at the lake and the Adirondacks. Country lanes, small towns, country stores, sheep, horses, and mountain ponds. The colors are just starting to pop – I think it will be the perfect leaf peeping ride.

Tour de Farms

Rode the casual Tour de Farms with Grace and John on Sunday. Great benefit, great ride, great food. Fall is here…

PS – David, if you read this, leave your email in the comments…

Cue Reader

I’ve used several different methods for cue / map reading holders – from a zip lock bag taped to my aerobars to the Ortlieb handlebar bag map case. For my 300k I recycled a Honjo fender strut and made a cue holder. This version fits nicely around and behind my stem – but I originally thought I would bend the U shaped curve under the stem. I used heat shrink tubing on the strut to keep it from scratching my stem and bars. A small piece of plexi is mounted to the strut using the original hardware. The cue is printed 4 up on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and rides in an Aloksak bag. I have leftover plexi and Aloksaks for a larger version as many charity rides and brevet organizers each have their own format. I use a zip tie or Velcro around the stem and the strut to keep everything secure.