Cue Reader

I’ve used several different methods for cue / map reading holders – from a zip lock bag taped to my aerobars to the Ortlieb handlebar bag map case. For my 300k I recycled a Honjo fender strut and made a cue holder. This version fits nicely around and behind my stem – but I originally thought I would bend the U shaped curve under the stem. I used heat shrink tubing on the strut to keep it from scratching my stem and bars. A small piece of plexi is mounted to the strut using the original hardware. The cue is printed 4 up on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and rides in an Aloksak bag. I have leftover plexi and Aloksaks for a larger version as many charity rides and brevet organizers each have their own format. I use a zip tie or Velcro around the stem and the strut to keep everything secure.

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