Dirt Road Permanent

John, Patrick, Jim and I did a test run of the northern half of a 200k Dirt Road Permanent I have been planning. We covered ~75 miles of the northern part of the route. I was cooked and the gents did well to get me back to town.

The route was 60% dirt, with plenty of sharp rollers and a few long climbs. The grades ranged from steady 5% to an 18% wall about two thirds into the route. Temps were in the 50s and even though I was dressed well (in Ibex wool) I had a persistent chill most of the day. The foliage was peak at the higher elevations – colors simply stunning. We’re hoping to ride the southern half of the route this weekend – colors should still be peak – and if we get some sun and clear skies we might get a view to the ADKs.

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Great fall riding pictures. Although I love where I live and the scenery around Lake Superior, at times I wish I lived in the eastern mountains somewhere. The six months I spent hiking the Appalachian Trail was the best six months of my life.

  2. Hi Mike.

    I’ve worked with you a few times at Old Spokes with your Dyno and other questions. Found this on a tip from Patrick. Any chance you have a cue sheet for this ride? I would love to help you get some permanents in Burlington, as I am looking at PBP when I finish grad school 2010.

    Jason, aka unrully sideburns.

  3. @ fxdwhl – nothing like a proper all rounder road bike on dirt roads and carriage paths.

    @ doug – absolutely stunning. although if you head back to the porcupine mountains you’ll get the mountains without our small town charm and oddness… 😉 been a long time since i’ve been up that way – but it was beautiful.

    @ jason – i have a cue almost worked out. what is your email? i’ll ask patrick if i don’t hear back. sunday 8 am we are riding the southern half of the route… parallel camel’s hump on dirt then into huntington and over more dirt to connect with charlotte. 2 covered bridges, plenty of stiff climbing, 2 twisty descents.

  4. there’s still tons of green in those pictures… this weekend looks peak nearby – and should certainly be in the southern half of the route. riding it sunday am… more pictures to follow – with orange, red, and yellow the predominant colors from my scouting this morning.

    and maybe we’ll have blue skies!

  5. Thanks for the invite, but I was adventure racing in Heinsburg. My e-mail is j.achilich at gmail dot com, if you want to pass along that cue sheet. Looks like I have time and weather this friday to try it out!

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