Surly V2.0

More changes for the Surly…really pleased with how versatile this bike can be – and I’m thrilled with the latest changes – just about have it where I want it (with the exception of the stem and bar height (hence the long-ish and loopy brake cables) that I’m still sorting out). Initial report on the On-One Mary bars is that they are very comfortable and well made… adding the Ergon grips was a bit of a last minute splurge – but they seem to add to the comfort of the bars. I can see keeping this setup rolling into next summer – if I remain comfortable there is no reason to go back to the road setup except for smoother rolling tires – even for a fixed 300k (something I have as a goal).

Surly CC in 54cm. Planet Bike Cascadia fenders (work well enough… not as nice as the Honjos on the IF), Avid V-Brakes and Single Digit levers, Carradice Barley, Ixon IQ (not pictured) battery LED front light, Cateye rear light, black, white and red reflective tape, Time ATAC pedals. Gearing is 42/17 on a 17/19 Surly DingleCog with 35mm semi knobby cross tires. (I’ll move to the 19 when I swap for my Nokian W106 studded tires). I run 42/16 in the summer on Paselas. This is the bike I really want to do a dirt road tour / S24O camping trip with

New Bars

The Surly CrossCheck on the Winooski pedestrian bridge. New On-One Mary bars – still sorting out the stem. Ergon grips – wow! Studs will go on tonight. Ixon IQ is proving to be a great battery light (I’m spoiled with a SON dynohub on the IF). Planet Bike Cascadia fenders could work better – but they are serviceable.


Spent the week in Montreal. Lots of bikes. Lots of bike infrastructure. Need to get back with more focus on photographing the city…

Many ‘cycle tracks’ along side the main boulevards and streets – going both north / south and east west. Plenty of ‘bike lanes’ on minor streets – complete with sharrows near intersections or zones where cars and bikes need to blend. Lots of fixed gears, city bikes, and old 10 speeds.