Surly V2.0

More changes for the Surly…really pleased with how versatile this bike can be – and I’m thrilled with the latest changes – just about have it where I want it (with the exception of the stem and bar height (hence the long-ish and loopy brake cables) that I’m still sorting out). Initial report on the On-One Mary bars is that they are very comfortable and well made… adding the Ergon grips was a bit of a last minute splurge – but they seem to add to the comfort of the bars. I can see keeping this setup rolling into next summer – if I remain comfortable there is no reason to go back to the road setup except for smoother rolling tires – even for a fixed 300k (something I have as a goal).

Surly CC in 54cm. Planet Bike Cascadia fenders (work well enough… not as nice as the Honjos on the IF), Avid V-Brakes and Single Digit levers, Carradice Barley, Ixon IQ (not pictured) battery LED front light, Cateye rear light, black, white and red reflective tape, Time ATAC pedals. Gearing is 42/17 on a 17/19 Surly DingleCog with 35mm semi knobby cross tires. (I’ll move to the 19 when I swap for my Nokian W106 studded tires). I run 42/16 in the summer on Paselas. This is the bike I really want to do a dirt road tour / S24O camping trip with

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  1. bars are really comfy so far. still messing with fore / aft / up / down and tilt angle – but even with all my screwing around i haven’t found a place where they are uncomfortable.

    @doug –
    pics were taken on a 20 mile ride to the in laws on t-day – pretty much uphill for most of the way. climbed great out of the saddle – i’ve left them full width – so they are really really wide – i might shrink em up a bit – they take a bit to get used to – certainly not a road bar and certainly not a standard mtb bar – but definitely lots of leverage out there!

  2. i should note – this is my fg bike – 42/17 at the moment – so when the road tips up i usually stand. i hit a short 7% climb on the ride and was out of the saddle most of the way – bars were great… almost keeps you ‘standing’ straight up the way it puts your hands – so it keeps from mashing the front wheel into the ground.

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