I’ve had some help on a complete overhaul of my ‘work’ website. I started blogging in 2003 – hand coding my blog as a sub page of my personal website. After 2 years of neglect and zero updates, I had a friend help me get WordPress installed. I have a ton more content to add – including an updated portfolio and images of recent work. Drop by and check it out.

Free Motion Rollers

I finally found some time to fabricate my free motion rollers… the parts have been sitting in the garage since the first of the year.

Why? because I wanted to change up the way I ride inside. Aluminum channel to contain the mess, my Kreitler rollers mounted in 1/4″ aluminum plate. Skateboard wheels. Bungie cords. They work well enough. I’m getting some vibration I didn’t notice on the original Kreitler frame – I might have a hop in a wheel – or the bit of flex I’m getting with the 1/4″ aluminum plate is throwing everything out of alignment just so. I might rework the inner carriage to remove the flex – and I need to find a stronger 12″ bungie – while sprinting this afternoon I managed to bottom out the forward and rear travel.

The sensation is quite nice – the rollers slide for and aft in the aluminum track as you apply power, stand, or shift gears. No more of that awkward body weight shifting to keep the bike from jumping off the frame. Ride (nearly) naturally – stand up, sprint, mash, spin high RPMs… so far its all worked.


Anxiously awaiting an order with Acorn Bags. I’m hoping to get the Boxy Rando Bag and a matching Medium Saddlebag. I’ve been looking for a way to carry my gear up front where I can access it on the move. I have an Ortlieb handlebar bag that works well enough – but I hate the mounting mechanism and it keeps the weight far too high for my liking. I think the Acorn bag will be a great addition to my rando gear. It will ride on a Nitto Mark’s rack, and I’m working on a way to mount my new Schmidt Edelux. (photos from the Acorn website)

Skinny Tires

Started turning the cranks this week. Got out for a short ride to meet the boys on Sunday – took the brevet machine and felt like I was flying on the skinny (28s!) tires. I did a short loop to stretch the legs and warm up the lungs. I couldn’t push it – my airways are still inflamed from my recent bout with bronchitis and multiple asthma attacks. It felt good to spin!

No studs, and I wasn’t riding fixed – what a pleasant change of pace. The sun was out and there was a cold, clear, blue sky. I think I am starting to feel human again!

Ready to Ride

My training is way off pace. I’m stressed by the thought of even getting on the bike. I should be on the rollers. I should be focused on losing weight. According to my rough plan I should be hitting my 4-5 hour long rides starting next week – and I honestly don’t even want to ride to the grocery store. The weather has been craptastic – especially when I had my wake up call hard fall a few weeks ago. We’ve been traveling all over this winter, the whole family has been sick (I’m currently battling bronchitis and influenza A), the billable work hours are piling up (and in this economy I’ve been taking most work that comes my way).

Getting the picture. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
But honestly – it just doesn’t sound like fun anymore.

I have 2 main goals for this coming season – qualify for and finish the Endless Mountains 1240k, and enjoy the NE Fleche with our VT team of usual suspects (if we ever get confirmation on its specifics).

Jen doubled down on my EM 1240 goal. I have 3 chances to complain about it – anything from “I’m too slow, I’ll never finish” to “It’s impossible” or “I can’t ride…” No more complaining – or we cancel. And she doubled down on the weight loss, anemia, and asthma that I’ve been a horrible manager of. A good kick in the pants for sure.

Becoming a dad, trying to work part time to help with the family budget while being day to day care provider for our little one has proven more challenging than I could have dreamed. Its also been incredibly rewarding – far beyond the challenges. I just never thought it would be so hard to stay motivated. (One aspect of training I am making great strides in is sleep deprivation – the little one has been sick and going through problems with sleeping… so bring on the late night riding – I think I’m ready)

Looking for some inspiration (aside from lusting after new bike gear) I downloaded David Rowe’s The Ride of Your Life. I’m already pleased and I’m not quite through the introduction. I’ll report back as I progress. As much as I want to tear through it – I just hate reading a ‘book’ like this on the screen. Might have to sacrifice some recycled newspapers and print some of this out…

SketchUp in New Hampshire

The view from our stay in New Hampshire – atop a hill on a dirt road in what felt like the middle of nowhere. I taught a 2 day SketchUp class in the tiny town of Tamworth to a few timber framers, builders, and designers. We focused on general model building and then tightened in on timber specific joinery techniques. The scenery and the students were magnificent…

I’ll be teaching at Heartwood this May, and hopefully I’ll secure a spot at the TF Guild’s Eastern Conference.