Anxiously awaiting an order with Acorn Bags. I’m hoping to get the Boxy Rando Bag and a matching Medium Saddlebag. I’ve been looking for a way to carry my gear up front where I can access it on the move. I have an Ortlieb handlebar bag that works well enough – but I hate the mounting mechanism and it keeps the weight far too high for my liking. I think the Acorn bag will be a great addition to my rando gear. It will ride on a Nitto Mark’s rack, and I’m working on a way to mount my new Schmidt Edelux. (photos from the Acorn website)

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  1. I have a Nitto Mark’s rack on my bike. Right now I have two light mounted on it. The rack is mounted to my fork using the two forward stays. The rear stays of the rack are meant to be used if you are mounting the rack in the back. Since I’m not, I used these two stays which are now pointed forward and down, to mount my lights to (a dlumotec and a e6). I had to cut the stays down a bit, but it seems to work nicely. It holds both lights far enough down and forward that they don’t interfere with my handlebar bag at all.

    I don’t have pictures right now, but I can take some easily if you want.

  2. Mike

    Let us know how you think the medium saddle bag compares to the VO Croissant. Looks bigger, with zipped pockets inside and out, plus rings outside for strapping on the jacket … looks very cool. But too big?


  3. David –

    I use a Carradice Barley now on the rear. Its almost too big and I always end up carrying more stuff than I need. The acorn looks significantly smaller and will be my tool bag on longer events, with the front bag being my main gear bag – stuff that I’ll need to access more frequently.

    I think the saddlebag will be just about perfect for most of my riding. I’m currently dragging around the Barley and have wanted something smaller. With the loops on the outside I’ll still be able to strap on extra layers or a jacket.

    More later, when they arrive.


  4. David –

    Hope this makes it to you as I’ve switched platforms. The medium bag from Acorn looks to be just about perfect for 200k and under distance. It will probably stay on the bike when the front bag comes off. Looks like plenty of room for tools, batteries, etc. etc… heavy stuff that is not needed all the time. Maybe a compressible jacket or vest – the the bag loops will allow you to strap extra stuff to the outside.

    I’ve finally got a suitable mounting solution for it (had to swap to Carradice buckles) – I’ll get some pics up when I actually use the bag and can write about it.

    As to the Croissant – it looks about the same size. By the numbers from the Acorn site they seem very similar. What I like about the Acorn is 2 zippered side pockets and a loop pull ‘skirt’ enclosure on the inside (similar to the Carradice system) to keep your goodies in there.

    Size of the Acorn (not measured, but from the website):
    (20 x 15 x 23 cm)

    Size of the Croissant:
    (16 x 23 x 14 cm)

    I think the Acorn would be easier to overstuff as needed – the flap is generous, and the looped skirt has some flexibility – open it up and stuff it – or pull it shut and jam something in between the flap and the skirt.


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