Spring Snow

Jim heading up the road...
Jim heading up the road...
Went out for an attempt at a metric this morning… but the weather foiled the plan. Managed a blustery, cold, and raw ride out of town and up around the bay before rolling back home. Probably 30 or so by the time we were done. The snow was blowing horizontally at times – and as soon as I rolled into the garage the sun started peaking through.

Lobster mitts... still.
Lobster mitts... still.

I’m very happy with Acorn bag. I need to add some pulls to the elastic chords that close the front and main compartment for easier access while moving – but everything else about it is working out great. A decaleur is in my future – I just need to see what will fit – as I’m pretty tight to the head tube now and from the looks of the VO it is pretty short. I might have to commission a local rack builder to rig something up for me. 33 days until my first 200k of the season, and 54 days until the NE Fl├Ęche.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Sorry to hear about the snow. Just can’t win. I’m hoing the roads stay clear for next week’s Saratoga 200K. I’m curious about your new bags. What’s up with the stablizing cords to the drops? I see these in all the pictures. Isn’t this a pain? I don’t like the thought of the interference with braking/riding in the drops. Do you notice this while riding at all?

    I have an IF, too. The Club Racer with steel fork and low rider mounts. Unlike you, I have Shimano brakes rather than the Campy so I have the brake cables to contend with. I also do not like the idea of the bar mounted front bag and may go with a rack mounted version. I may need something narrower than the Acorn so I can fit the cables in.

    I’d love to see what you come up with regarding the light mount. I have a new eDeluxe to mount as well (seems like we’re shopping in the same places) and currently have it mounted with a Nitto handlebar mount. Peter White suggested it was better mounted high and centrally both to reduce the road vibrations and accomodate the beam pattern of the single light.

  2. George –

    Thinking of Saratoga – but I’m way off my pace and need to play catch up. Don’t want to overdo it too soon.

    Stabilizing cords are because I don’t have a decaleur to snug up the bag. VO has been emailed about length / sizing / specs – but no response yet. A rando friend (who will be at the Saratoga 200) has the same decaleur – but we keep missing connections to see how it will fit on my bike. I don’t really notice them…

    I’m on a Ti IF Club Racer with the steel fork and low riders. I used to have my dual E6s on the low riders… now the Mark’s Rack and I need to sort out that eDeluxe. My Ortlieb h-bar bag worked fine – but I never liked it up higher than the tops – and it felt odd with any weight up high. The Acorn and rack is heavier, for sure – but it sends that load down to the fork and keeps my bars free and clear for hands.

    For your Shimano STI – pick up some brake noodles for v-brakes. Put these on as the cables exit the top of the lever – it will send the cable down and away from the bag. I’ve seen plenty of pics on touring forum sites with this done and it seems to work well. Another option is to get some of that metal housing – you can bend it all around and things still work out OK. I’ve even seen it tucked back under the bar tape after a tight bend exiting the lever.


  3. Thanks, Mike.

    Sorry we’ll miss you next weekend. Love the Ti Club Racer. Great idea, especially with all the salt on the roads.

    Thanks for the tips on front bag mounting. I’ll keep my eye out for your friend on Sunday. I’m pretty satisfied with my bag arrangement which basically involves a Detours High Tails rear bag off my seat post, but I will be riding in L-E-L this summer and a bit more carrying space, especially with front access, is probably in order.


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