West Hill Shop

When I lived in Putney, Vermont the West Hill Shop was my local bike shop, hangout, volunteer sales job, and generally fun place to be. I just started to get to know the owner’s and mechanics quite well before I chased my bride to the big city of Burlington. Jim and Diny are some of the warmest folks I met (as the new guy in a town of 2600 +/-). The local racer boys were always friendly and helpful and the shop had a talent for attracting and keeping ace mechanics. The video they’ve posted to their home page brings back some fond memories…

We’re planning on using the shop as one of our 2 hour ‘sleep’ stops on the Fl├Ęche. I’m really looking forward to passing through my old riding territory and being able to catch up and hug some friends (for at least a few sleep deprived minutes!)

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