Ready to Roll

Our Vermont team for Flèche NE 2009 is ready to roll. We met up with our return driver (an original teammate who had to drop out of the event) tonight over pizza and a few beers, rigged a roof mount bike rack to fit in the back of the cargo van, and talked gear and rain and gear and getting wet and wind. Our team is down from 5 to 3… but we plan to roll on. 225 miles, approximately 12,000 feet of climbing. Forecast has been sketch all week.


My bike is (over)loaded. Route double checked and cue printed out (although I can get us through the first 150 miles+ from memory), lights checked, clothes laid out, wet gear at the ready. Camera in a baggie, already on the bike, with a memory card and a battery. Rider needs to sleep – but I’m hitting it early tonight – usually I’m up late fretting. 10:30 pm is a good night for me – especially before a big ride.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Hope you had a great time! Wish I could have been out for NE Fleche 2009. Family committments this year. We rode through heavy rains during NE Fleche 2008 starting here in the Hudson Valley and taking in southern VT and NH along the way. Can’t wait to read your ride report.


    The Hudson Valley Randonneur

  2. Hey Mike,

    It was a treat to ride a few miles with you all. I hope that the rest of the ride went well. I’ve been thinking of all the riders through last night and this morning. I look forward to reading how it went.



  3. Just remember – all wind and weather is local. Was an honor to ride with you Jim and Patrick. Pics and post to come – but now, shower, and sleep.

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