Sunday Dirt

~67 miles with Jim and Patrick. Most of the dirt is in smooth and wonderful condition. Plenty of climbing from steep rollers to Brigham Hill Road. I wanted for a century to scout a 300k route… but we opted for close in and backroads. We never ‘race’ on our Sunday rides – but we do work hard when we have to – and we’ll work well as a group to tackle some of the busier roads and to get out of the wind. This Sunday, knowing that we were going short, I attacked nearly every false flat, hill, and climb. The goal was to redline and repeat. I wanted to feel beat by the time I rolled home.

Lost Nation Rd. in Essex. Smooth.
Lost Nation Rd. in Essex. Smooth.

I succeeded and felt great doing it. The form is slow to return – but it is happening. Patrick was recovering from a 4 gapper the day before and Jim was prepping for a trip to Maine – so they idled it back letting me spin like mad off the front – only to catch me over the top and have me sit in and recover while they chatted away – effortlessly I tell you – while I struggled for breath.

4 Replies to “Sunday Dirt”

  1. Oh, I was putting out some effort on those hills. 🙂

    Nice to see you charging off the front!

  2. apertome –

    well, it started out as only a 45 miler or so… but i was clearly feeling agitated or something – so after the boys peeled off i struck out for some steep and dirty terrain through mars hollow and up brigham hill road.

    the longer rides start next week for me – a 400k and another month to the 600k. (fingers crossed, spokes trued, and hoping to keep the momentum flowing)


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