Morning Ride


Fall is in the air. Quick trip through the woods and along the lake. Legs still sore from our hike.



Sunday Dirt


Solo adventuring today on some favorite roads. Household stuff to do – so I kept it short to 38 or so. Shot some video descending Governor Chittenden Road – but the bar mounted camera bouncing around makes it nearly impossible to watch.

Proud V.2


Three years ago next week my (then soon to be) father in-law had a stroke. Yesterday Jen and I hiked him to the top of Camel’s Hump via Forest City, the Long Trail, and Burrows. Impressed and proud that he made the trek – he has been talking about hiking and climbing mountains since his first dark days in the recovery room.

We certainly tired him out – and the Forest City to Long Trail route was ambitious to say the least – but with our help he methodically scrambled the rock below the summit, cursing the vertical on the last push to the top – and did it all in style. We even managed to snag the bill from our waiter during a post hike feast – the entire day was our treat to celebrate life and recovery and possibility.

Granola Ninja Training Camp


Stumbled on this secret granola ninja training camp this morning while exploring the local woods. Camo painted extension ladders locked to trees, steel cable slack lines and rigging, climbing wall, tire swings, tree platforms and some sort of zip line. All minutes from downtown Burlington… just off the beaten path.





It is just up the trail from some mild double track, which turns to single track and then footpath. Some foot bridges and plank crossings back in this way too.



Recent snaps – bike parking in front of Outdoor Gear Exchange and my morning spin.

I wish the parking was designed a bit better – you need to get to the sidewalk to park – instead of having access from the street. And if it had 2 sided entry you could double the number of bikes.

Lake Morning

Morning on the lake with coffee and breakfast from the neighborhood cafe. No fire this morning. Nagging bug working its way through the family has me down – spinning a low gear and being a bit of a tourist in my own neighborhood.

I moved on from the Acron Boxy Rando Bag. It was a fine piece of luggage – but just not for me. I’ve missed having a place for my camera and a few snacks up front – until I found the Mountain Feed Bag from Epic Ride Research. So far it is a winner. Small and out of the way – works on the IF or the Surly. I can pack it full of food or the camera and cell phone. Outside mesh pockets can hold gels, bars, or discarded wrappers. Solid product, made in the states and simple simple simple. Almost a modified climbers chalk bag for the bike.


Sunday dirt exploring and scouting for new links to my favorite roads. The usual suspects were at D2R2 baking and sweating in the heat. I spent the weekend with the family enjoying the water at the beach.

Sunday morning I explored some dirt in Colchester. Was nearly defeated by a dead end – but a motorist assured me that what was left of a road did go through to my destination. I made a weak attempt at the muddy trail on the skinny tires – was swarmed by bugs and left it for another time when I have reinforcements.