Sunday dirt exploring and scouting for new links to my favorite roads. The usual suspects were at D2R2 baking and sweating in the heat. I spent the weekend with the family enjoying the water at the beach.

Sunday morning I explored some dirt in Colchester. Was nearly defeated by a dead end – but a motorist assured me that what was left of a road did go through to my destination. I made a weak attempt at the muddy trail on the skinny tires – was swarmed by bugs and left it for another time when I have reinforcements.

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  1. looks like a cool road… the first bit is totally worth it – but requires 2 miles of riding on rt. 7 in colchester – not bad early in the morning. coon hill is a good climb. top grade has to hit 14% or more on a turn – really steep for about 1/10 of a mile or so. spun the rear wheel when i tried to stand – and i had a good line on the dry dirt! austin house is pretty – rolls down to middle road and then you hit pave to connect to farnsworth / east road – our usual route from colchester to mars hollow / rolling irish. i plan on adding this bit to the dirt ride.

    i skipped mars hollow and kept going north to hardscrable road. i thought it would be dirt – but someone important must live up there. really nice pavement allllllllllll the way to the top, where you get some gravel. according to maps it should run through to rogers road and on to old stage. this isn’t a reality – but i chickened out riding on what looked to be a farm driveway. it might go through sort of like gov. chittenden road – but i was alone and didn’t feel like pushing it.

    i back tracked to devino road which is dirt and goes up some more. at the dead end there are 3 choices. to gravel / dirt in good shape. the other in the image above. atv tracks and its pretty rough. passing motorist said it connects to rogers road…

    map here

    might be a fun scouting mission if we want to tackle it. hardscrabble is a great longish climb on good pavement. i think i hit 45 or better coming down. wide open.

    not sure its worth all the pavement to add it to the dirt ride route instead of bingham hill or rolling irish… unless that trail holds some magic.

    next weekend? sunday dirt?

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