Recent Riding


Recent riding has been great. Dirt, fixed gear mixed, and towing the little one in a recently acquired Burley to preview a tri course.



Jen finished her first Olympic distance triathlon this weekend. The girl is an endurance machine… and is only getting faster on the bike, and stronger on the swim. Since Ava’s birth she has completed a Sprint Tri (7 months postpartum!), a half marathon, numerous 10ks, the Boilermaker, and this recent Tri. She has a fall half marathon in her sights, and we are debating doing a relay of the VT Half Ironman in a few weeks (me bike, she swims and runs – with Ava being the official race baton…)


Surly V4?


Updated and nearly dialed in for flat(ish) bar use. Stem length is something that I’m adjusting – from the 11cm to a 12cm, both with about the same rise. The 11cm OS will allow me to swap to my drop bars by popping the plate – which means I’ll have a stem / brake / bar combo pack for either drops or dirt. Just have to decide if I want to pull the whole assembly, or just the bars. Once the position is finalized (end of this week?) I need to re-cable both sets of bars. The double dingle is now a quadillator – giving me the following gearing: 42/17 42/19 40/19 fixed and 40/22 single speed.