Proud V.2


Three years ago next week my (then soon to be) father in-law had a stroke. Yesterday Jen and I hiked him to the top of Camel’s Hump via Forest City, the Long Trail, and Burrows. Impressed and proud that he made the trek – he has been talking about hiking and climbing mountains since his first dark days in the recovery room.

We certainly tired him out – and the Forest City to Long Trail route was ambitious to say the least – but with our help he methodically scrambled the rock below the summit, cursing the vertical on the last push to the top – and did it all in style. We even managed to snag the bill from our waiter during a post hike feast – the entire day was our treat to celebrate life and recovery and possibility.

3 Responses to “Proud V.2”

  1. Dave says:

    Nice…that’s really cool. Congratulation to all. Right on!

  2. Apertome says:

    That is fantastic! It’s wonderful that he was able to do this.

  3. Chad says:

    Mike, this is very cool and very inspirational. It’s great that you and your wife were able to spend such great time with your father-in-law. Time well spent.