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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


Sunrise over the big mountain. Been quiet. Family worked through being sick starting with the little one, more travel, and a bathroom model. More to come – lots of fall riding in VT planned…


Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


A fall hike from a month ago in the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge. The little one will be adventure racing before we know it.


Thursday, September 17th, 2009
From Westfield to Paris back to Vermont...

From Westfield to Paris back to Vermont...

Our fl├Ęche ride has been accepted and certified by the ACP. Exciting in a bureaucratic / paperwork filing way.

Early Fall

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

A snap across the lake to the ADKs this morning. Early fall in the north country – my favorite time of year.


Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Quick trip north to Montreal. Jen had a training session at her company’s Canadian office. Ava and I wandered town while I worked virtually – answering emails and phone via a fast data connection and the magic of international calling on a cell phone – while climbing, eating, sliding, eating, climbing, walking and bike gawking.


Monday, September 14th, 2009


Took some reinforcements and managed to make the Rogers ‘Road’ connection work. We took off in the dry on some familiar roads, then tackled Coon Hill, Galvin Hill, and Austin House dirt in the pouring rain. The usual suspects were wet, tired, cold and hungry by the time we made it to the climb on Hardscrabble – with uncharted territory and a questionable connection ahead of us. We made it to the dead end and laughed as the ‘road’ was in worse condition than my solo adventure. Lots of mud. Slick rock. Roots. At one point we were essentially riding in what seemed to be a creek bed. There were a few instances of cursing and sliding off the bikes – but we made the connection and descended to Stage Road. A quick burn on the rolling and sticky dirt into Essex led us to the Clover Natural Market. Homemade soup and chili hit the spot. Warmed and relatively dry we wheeled back to town on a mix of dirt and pavement for about 60 of mixed terrain in the chill and the wet.

Morning Blur

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
Mansfield in the distance as we roll towards the sun.

Mansfield in the distance as we roll towards the sun.

Chill in the air this morning. Quick loop around the bay. Wanted to take on some dirt climbing – but chilled in the hollows enroute – rolled it back short to stay warm.

Mist in the hollows off Poor Farm Rd.

Mist in the hollows off Poor Farm Rd.

Stars fading into the sun.

Stars fading into the sun.

IF in the woods.

IF in the woods.

Bakfiets Sold

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 kid / cargo bike. kid / cargo bike.

Update – our Bakfiets is moving to a new home. The bike has been sold. Thanks for all the interest.

Cafe Grand Prix

Monday, September 7th, 2009

First annual Cafe Grand Prix – ~60 miles, 3 cafes*, 3k of climbing. Tolerable paved sections, dirt, a bit of single track. Classic VT views. BTV to Richmond via Mountain View and Gov. Chittenden. On the Rise Bakery. Cochran’s to Stage Road. Up up up to Leary Rd. and Nashville Rd. A bit of a delay searching out a dead end – then to Plains Rd. And into Jericho for the Village Cup. Rt. 15 to Weed, 128 and Towers then back to the dirt on Lost Nation and the back way with a view to Colchester Pond. Return round the Bay and into town with a final stop at Viva Espresso.

*We skipped the last stop as our relaxed pace began to encroach on family time. The next version might have to turn into a century and include Red Hen Baking.


Friday, September 4th, 2009

38/19 + 700×40 CrossTires + Burley + LittleOne + Gear + CSA Pickup + Errands = 42/16 + Saddlebag + 700×32 Slicks


Gear is still too tall to play in the rocky and rooty woods without hike a bike(ing) and my MTB skills need work. I do suspect though that regardless of how low I get the fixed ratio I’ll just find steeper rockier places to climb. And I haven’t really tapped into the ‘mountains’ yet. I have a triple crank from an old Bridgestone in the parts bin that might have to set it up as a single to get smaller rings on the front. Need some bike cave time to sort it out. Would love a reasonable tooth jump with a double dingle so I can switch from road(ish) to dirt(ish) with the same chain. I foresee a MTB in my future. Something that was bound to happen as soon as I parted with the Yeti FRO. Hadn’t ridden it in forever and it fit the Yak better than I – so it is now being ridden on a near daily basis – in the woods and dirt and single track of central VT – instead of hanging on a garage wall. CrossCheck suffers from too high a top tube and non ideal geometry for true MTB use. Maybe a 29r frame and fork I so can transplant all my parts…