38/19 + 700×40 CrossTires + Burley + LittleOne + Gear + CSA Pickup + Errands = 42/16 + Saddlebag + 700×32 Slicks


Gear is still too tall to play in the rocky and rooty woods without hike a bike(ing) and my MTB skills need work. I do suspect though that regardless of how low I get the fixed ratio I’ll just find steeper rockier places to climb. And I haven’t really tapped into the ‘mountains’ yet. I have a triple crank from an old Bridgestone in the parts bin that might have to set it up as a single to get smaller rings on the front. Need some bike cave time to sort it out. Would love a reasonable tooth jump with a double dingle so I can switch from road(ish) to dirt(ish) with the same chain. I foresee a MTB in my future. Something that was bound to happen as soon as I parted with the Yeti FRO. Hadn’t ridden it in forever and it fit the Yak better than I – so it is now being ridden on a near daily basis – in the woods and dirt and single track of central VT – instead of hanging on a garage wall. CrossCheck suffers from too high a top tube and non ideal geometry for true MTB use. Maybe a 29r frame and fork I so can transplant all my parts…

4 Responses to “Formula”

  1. jim says:

    Extra wheel and RD if you want to borrow…you supply cable/housing. Hell, I even have a trashed out cassette and chain!

  2. patrick says:

    math makes my head hurt

  3. jim says:

    DT shifter too, but you would have to work in the friction zone.

    ax ² + bx + c where a ≠ 0

  4. jason says:

    sounds like I need to plan a fixie mountain bike ride out here in richmond. The past month I have found the 44mm tires on the cross check to be the mix of speed and traction.

    This is what I was telling you about yesterday, can be found pretty cheap.