Fall Classic

Rainbow over the big lake... and then the rain came!

Rainbow over the big lake... and then the rain came!

We curtailed a planned run of my now ‘Fall Classic’ mixed terrain route. Rain, cold, and a late start conspired against us. Patrick just returned from the EM1240k where he suffered and eventually pulled the plug at mile ~424 in mid 30s to 40s temps with rain and endless climbing (the name of the event is the Endless Mountains afterall…). Jim and Judy were on the fence with how long to ride… and I had dinner plans at home with the family. Late start + ugly weather made for a short day.

View to the ADKs

View to the ADKs

We sat out the rain in a cafe, snacked on yummy baked goods and drank hot hot caffeine to ward off the chill while listening to tales of scenery and pleasure and woe and cold from Patrick’s adventure. Long after the rain stopped and sun came out we rolled back to town and Jim and I salvaged the day by heading to Shelburne Pond. All told I logged 40+ for the day, took in some fall colors, and got to hang with friends. If some new gear arrives and the weather looks decent I’m hoping for a quick bikecamping trip next weekend – otherwise we talked about repeating the classic route to take in the last of fall.

7 Responses to “Fall Classic”

  1. jim says:

    From 11:00 on, it was a classic fall day. That morning business was pretty rough.

  2. mb says:

    twas nasty for a short bit that morning, for sure. cinnamon rolls and coffee were a perfect warm up… thanks for heading to the pond with me – with limited long distance riding time every sunday counts for me… esp. with winter coming on!

  3. jim says:

    Yeah, maybe winter will just be October, November and December with Spring arriving in January.

  4. mb says:

    if it was to be as short as summer it will be over by next week.

  5. patrick says:

    bummed about that weather on Sunday – was really looking forward to a nice, long ride. glad y’all got to enjoy the afternoon though – I actually took a nice drive with Em and did some leafpeeping around bristol.

    the leaves looked amazing going up lincoln and app on saturday. sunday was my first time seeing these passes in a car. not as spiritual, but totally understand now why people drive, rather than bike up these hills 😉

  6. Apertome says:

    It sucks that your ride got cut short, but these photos are absolutely beautiful. Glad you got out, at least.

  7. Apertome says:

    By the way, I meant to ask … how long is the full Fall Classic?