Gear Test

The little one is as excited about new gear as her dad. If the weather is reasonable this will get a test this weekend. Big Agnes Fish Hawk 30 degree down bag and a Big Agnes insulated air core pad. The bag stuffs down to 6×8 and the pad is about the size of a Nalgene. Together they weigh less than my 8 year old well worn Kelty 20 degree synthetic bag that stuffs down to… well it really doesn’t.

2 Replies to “Gear Test”

  1. Ref your Valve core issues entry awhile back. I just read that entry and wanted to let you know I have had the same problem with QBP branded tubes. I thought it was me, but another local rider had the same issue as well. Not only does the core come out, but two weeks ago I had an entire valve come off with the air pump hose.

  2. Doug –

    Thanks for the info. Local consensus is the same. Someone suggested locite to keep the valve cores in. I’m using a Lezyne pump with thread on hose – so the valve doesn’t move like the old style frame pumps or mini pumps as I inflate. This pump (and its narrower, high pressure brother on the IF) work well… when the tubes aren’t the problem.

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