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  1. David –

    Thanks for the comment. Those are some nice pics… I want to ride the Kanc some day. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Do you have a trip write up somewhere?

  2. no , no write up. perhaps i’ll do a crazy guy post someday. there are pics of other rides on my flickr site as well. need to update more.
    have you ever ridden w/ any of the nc rando crowd? mike dayton, jerry phelps, branson kimball………

  3. nice to see the IF out, Mike.

    David – jerry phelps? i believe I met him on the PA 1200k. He rides a spiffy COHO, right? super nice guy.

  4. jerry is the man. watched him rig up lamps, clean chains and provide a good deal of support for some fellow randonneurs in PA. talk about southern hospitality!

    go tarheels!

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