Messed up right foot. Docs, acupuncture, x-ray, – its not broken – but it hurts to walk. Have a specialist scheduled for next week. And my back is torn up from lugging suitcases around during out holiday trip. Last ride was a week ago – when my back crumbled on the Soma climbing 8% on the road. The foot was actually rideable in my stiff cycling shoes. Was a long slow slog back home and made for an uncomfortable Thanksgiving Day dinner. I’m sitting in front of the happy light taking in full spectrum waves trying to stay sane. No bike, no run. Maybe can walk a bit peg leg style with some stiff soled shoes. Making me a bit crazy.

I knocked off a nice chunk of body weight about a month ago, trending downwards and feeling great. That trend has reversed and I need to battle to get back in the groove – fight the gray and cold of winter coming on, and gain some consistency. Dreams of the Tour Divide keep me motivated and inspired – but 2-3 years seems so far away…

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  1. Just be sure to stick with the exercises they give you! I didn’t notice anything for a week or so, then it all started to click and improve. Daily…

  2. Thanks all. Hoping it gives me a stronger core and greater focus… something about distance makes the heart grow fonder… 😉

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