The Nokian Extremes showed up just in time for a post holiday ride with freezing rain and a mini ice storm hitting upstate NY. First time in the woods on studs was good fun – and plenty of work. 1/4″ ice on the drive and minor roads. Studs on the bike worked well. Temps warmed and the trail started to slop… Time to reboot. Brevets, a flèche, and a bikepacking ride await next year. Resolutions?



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  1. Looks like nice riding up there. I missed rolling with youse guys on Friday and Saturday but I made up for it with some almost tumbles on the Intervale.

    I have some DT shifters if you want to get gearly.

  2. vi: yeah, missed being in BTV for sure, but having fun here with the fam. lots and lots of hills around. could have brought the road bike and the mtb. 1 day here with clear dry pavement. gears would have been nice for road cruising. went to the local park for ski / hike trails. no one around save 1 other mtb guy when i was leaving. followed someone’s single track from the day before. good fun, but overgeared. probably going to make a 3spd out of it. maybe no shifter, just by hand depending on what i’m doing. or maybe a cheapo front detailer. not sure how i’d mount up the dt shifter. maybe find a thumbshifter somewhere.

    steve: too much holiday pie for me. eating yet another cookie. just want to get through new years and then i’ll wrap up PT for my back and can sort out how to rebuild fitness. mmm. cookies.

  3. 294 to be exact. per tire. lots of work.

    what i found this morning is that it works better to ride on ice or hardpacked snow. light snow + leaves + frozen roots is not very fun. its important to stay on the bike. studs have better grip than shoes.

    thinking about buying some old style tele bindings from recycle north. use the front metal plate that you’d slide your boot tip into, mount these up to some bmx or flat pedals… and wear my nice and comfy back country ski boots on the bike. could be interesting.

  4. Yeah, walking on ice without the proper foot gear(skates) is no fun. Ski-boots are not so great either in my experience.

    Worth a try I suppose. Can’t wait to do some skiing, more riding and more PT. 🙂

  5. Hiya!

    I just got “mount&ground” today with the Nokians and bopped down the ol’ dirt roads. Super fun. We gotta do a snow ride soon. The back roads of VT are what the studded bike tires are made for!

  6. Good to see you’re on the mend. Mind if i ask about that red jacket you have? – It looks like a Shower’s Pass which i am considering.

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