Snowstorm 3.0

24 hours can make a big difference in the weather. Yesterday morning I was flying down smooth roads spinning easily on the IF. Today I made first tracks on the lakefront bike path and some exploring in the woods. Heavy, wet snow coated the bike. 30/18 and the studs was work in the 4″+ of wet, heavy snow.

Riding with an old friend…

Roads have been dry. I got out on the IF today to spin after starting Monday night Yoga. What a pleasure to ride non studded tires on a ti bike that fits like a glove…


Finding my morning routine again, now that the sun is coming up a bit earlier each day.

Ice Sliding

Lots of cold and ice here in BTV. Been out with the boys a few times in the last two weeks to play on the studded tires.

The water inside the breakwall is starting to set up. I’m still a bit leary of getting out on it – John and Jim gave it a test.

Parts of the Intervale flooded last week with the big rain. Lots of ice in the fields and woods where the river pushed over its banks.

A stiff link on the Homer had us diagnosing a shifting issue…

The Soma in its winter kit with a half frozen water bottle.