Got out for a quick burn with the usual suspects on Saturday afternoon. Weather went from warm and gray to cold and gray. I was under dressed from the start – so I worked hard to keep warm. Moving from the SS with studs and kidervals to the IF ClubRacer with some Challenge Parigi Roubaix hand made tires… I felt like I was flying. Met the wife and little one downtown at the library – they were on the Salsa and the Burley.

Life on two wheels returning to form.


What a difference a week or two makes… weather turned the corner for a bit. Rode in shirt sleeves and knicks last week. Then we were hit with some short lived fluffy white today.


The wife found this on the car Saturday morning after her run.

I observed you park your car and proceed to go for a jog with your dog.

This offends me as these parking spaces are for the businesses, not a park-and-ride – or a park + run as you chose.

Further, you didn’t even stay within the lines for the parking space, making it difficult for the next driver.

I suggest you park at Leddy where spots are plentiful.

Nearly every Saturday for the last 2 years my wife has been meeting a friend for their weekend long run. Jen parks in the lot at the cafe, grabs the dog and heads off to one of the parks, the lakefront bike path, etc. Upon return they grab a bite to eat and socialize. I cannot comment if the car was parked within the white lines, nor what tolerances one would ascribe to be in full compliance. And I do not know the facts of any other vehicles that may have forced an adjusted parking angle.

Nearly each morning I drop by the same local cafe for a bagel and coffee. I do not commute, so after I finish a ride or walk I drop in, read the local paper and enjoy my breakfast. Sometimes I’m in the car, other times on foot, most times on bike.

I doubt someone from the cafe would care where we park, but apparently someone at another business – maybe a customer? maybe a worker? maybe an owner? was upset. Ava and I are known on a first name basis at the cafe and the UPS store 2 doors down. I don’t even have to order my bagel in the morning – if the bike pulls up my breakfast is usually ready by the time I walk in the door, ditch the helmet and pour some coffee.

Funny, what offends some folks here in the New North End, where NIMBYism is taken to a whole new level.


Weather is changing.
Soma is hooked to the little one train for groceries, yoga, and playtime. Body weight is up. Mood is improving. Fitness is down. Kidervals to begin. Stopping at parks is a must.

Thinking about a Schlumpf Mountain Drive. 2 speed fixed gear. Mmmm. Where to find the $$.

House hunting continues. Hopefully townhouse selling will commence magically in the next few weeks. We’ve looked at a handful of properties – and only a few would suit our tastes and neighborhood choices. Those that do fit stretch the budget but also our imagination about life in town, good public schools, and being much closer to friends and family. Walking downtown? To the store? I could get used to that.

Spring Dirt

First sunny ride with the usual suspects. 36 miles for me (I pulled out early). South of town and to some fast smooth dirt. Road bike legs and lungs need some work. The boys probably topped out 45 for the day.