Weather is changing.
Soma is hooked to the little one train for groceries, yoga, and playtime. Body weight is up. Mood is improving. Fitness is down. Kidervals to begin. Stopping at parks is a must.

Thinking about a Schlumpf Mountain Drive. 2 speed fixed gear. Mmmm. Where to find the $$.

House hunting continues. Hopefully townhouse selling will commence magically in the next few weeks. We’ve looked at a handful of properties – and only a few would suit our tastes and neighborhood choices. Those that do fit stretch the budget but also our imagination about life in town, good public schools, and being much closer to friends and family. Walking downtown? To the store? I could get used to that.

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  1. kidervals usually follows wintervals. wintervals are more of a steady state muscle workout. pushing around nokian 2.1 studs is good prep for the kid trailering. when the little one is in tow i don’t need to alter the gearing if i keep to the fat tires.

    but, as i said – body weight is up. mood is starting to improve with the sunshine and warmer temps. fitness is probably at a low point for me in the last 3 years… so – kidervals, grocery climbs, whatever, wherever i can rebuild the base needs to begin.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Are you guys doing the Fleche again this year? After a brief last minute flirtation with the idea I decided this is something to commit to and plan for say, six months beforehand, rather then 3-4 weeks.

  3. I don’t think the usual suspects will be fleching this year. I think there is a team from VT, but not us. It does take some prep. I think the option for Westfield being moved to Mystic Seaport kind of killed it for us, and we didn’t want to juggle Boston / travel / extraction.

    We are talking about a 24 hour ride round our fair state for later in the summer. Locals kind of thing that we could pick a weekend night close to a full moon and plan a fun route. No cards, no rules other than to cover maybe 225 miles or so. Small group – maybe 8-10. Leave from BTV and return. And we could pick up riders as we went…

  4. Mike,

    The twenty-four hour ride sounds a little like the Dunwich Dynamo in England. Happens on the Saturday closest to the full moon in July and is about 120 miles from London to the Dunwich coast.

    Anyway, the ride sounds like a lot of fun. I’d love to join in.

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