Got out for a quick burn with the usual suspects on Saturday afternoon. Weather went from warm and gray to cold and gray. I was under dressed from the start – so I worked hard to keep warm. Moving from the SS with studs and kidervals to the IF ClubRacer with some Challenge Parigi Roubaix hand made tires… I felt like I was flying. Met the wife and little one downtown at the library – they were on the Salsa and the Burley.

Life on two wheels returning to form.

3 Replies to “Flight”

  1. That’s a good feeling. How were the Challenge tires (versus other road tires)? I recently picked up a pair but haven’t mounted them yet.

  2. I’ve been running Conti GP4 Seasons for the last 4 years. Pretty solid tire and I thought they felt good and rolled well. The Challenge tires are pretty nice. Initial ride feels smooth and fast… but I’ve moved from Nokian 2.1 studs on my SS to the Challenge – so I’ll have to throw my other wheelset on and compare the Contis and the Challenges side by side. The Challenge @ 27mm is wider than my Conti ’28’. I have clearance under my Honjo narrow fenders – but there isn’t any side to side coverage – they just fit. I’ll probably run my old Cascadia’s if I want to roll in the rain…

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