I wanted to believe in human powered lawn clipping.

Sadly we exchanged the Brill RazorCut 38 German wunder machine reel mower for a battery electric model. It was lightweight. It was quiet. But it failed in slicing the dandelions and thicker grasses we have in our motley new yard. Perhaps if we actually wanted a ‘lawn’ and we seeded and planted and watered and manicured – a reel mower would do the trick – but not now, with the patches of weeds and crabgrass and thick lawn. Eventually we’ll return to the push mower when our edible backyard master plans come to fruition (and our budget bounces back after buying the new place…!) – but for now, an EarthWise from Gardner’s Supply will have to do to care for the green stuff that will pass as our ‘lawn’.

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  1. Bummer that the Brill didn’t work out for you. I’ve had my Brill mower for two years now. Been a nice change from the ol’ stinker. I certainly don’t have the most manicured lawn (actually, probably the least maintained lawn on the block), but it does alright. Biggest problem I have is when I don’t mow often enough and have to work extra hard to get it through the tall grass.

    My absolute favorite bit of the Brill though… is yeah, its quiet. But then, electrics aren’t too bad either.

    I’d like to have my parents get one, but will more likely get them an electric reel mower. I think Brill has such a model, don’t remember.

  2. I have that exact same mower. I know what you mean about the dandelions and weeds. My yard basically seems to be a mix of different wild grasses and assorted other green things that try to sprout. And if it’s damp, forget it. Usually if I go for too long I have go go over the yard with my electric weedwacker, which is a pain because its corded. I have this one area that seems to have the thickest patch of grass grow in and it feels like I need grippier wheels for the Brill because it just wants to plow through, skidding the wheels across the ground. I’ve thought of getting an electric but I don’t have anywhere to store it. My shed is already pretty cozy as it is.

    My lawn/yard is pretty small though so its not a huge deal. It is quite satisfying when it works well, and you can stand back and enjoy a bottle of Otter Creek or something and admire the work you just did. When you get sweaty doing something you don’t feel as bad about being lazy afterward.

  3. Well, you shoulda got a brushhog my friend. We have them for sale all over the state. We even offer a turbo model for those hard to handle dandelions.

  4. Hey, we also offer a two-stroke model for country living. It offers all the cutting power *and* twice the particulate matter. Hubba hubba.

  5. Plenty of particulate in the air today! Forest / wildfires from Canada stinking up the Champlain Valley. No ride for me and my asthmatic / pneumonia recovering lungs. Made it 4 miles before packing it in this morning. The smell of campfire all day – without the S’mores. 🙁

  6. i thought the woods behind the high school were on fire – or that maybe someone got carried away with a bonfire at north beach. the smell woke me up around 4:00am. nasty stuff.

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