Brevets / Vermont

I’ve teamed up with the New England Randonneurs to run 4 events this coming summer. It has been a long time dream to run brevets locally – offering great northern Vermont riding – right out of our back door here in Burlington.

100k Cafe Cruise
Champlain 200k/300k
Fall Classic 114k – NEW!
Fall Classic 200k

Lots of dirt, great scenery. Vermont goodness on a bike.

Please see the New England Randonneurs website for registration information.

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  1. Just want to say that’s it awesome that you’ve put together these rides. I like my local Boston brevets, but Massachusetts just doesn’t have the kind of roads and scenery that northern Vermont has. That 200/300K looks amazing; ferries, quiet roads, a bit of climbing. Yeah!

  2. I’m pretty psyched as well to see this coming to VT. I tip my hat to you for getting this organized. Have many signed up yet?

  3. Looks great! Wish I could join the fun at the 200/300K, but I’ll be traveling with family. Hope to be able to catch the September 200K. Good luck with these. BTW, loved your comment on the recent R60 thread on the listserv. Too funny. Will you be riding the Boston 400K? Just sent in my check today.

  4. Aaron, George – Thanks for the comments. I’ve been dreaming about this for some time. I opted to keep it simple this year – hence the short schedule – but for next year (and PBP qualification) I’m planning to run a 200, 300, and 400 so folks can get the bulk of their qualifications done locally. This assumes of course that we have interest this year – and no burnout on my end.

    We have quite a bit of local interest. For the 100k I think we’ll clear 12 riders at least. Last year with very little promotion we had 12 people show for the Champlain 200/300k (and several no shows that registered via BikeReg) for and uncertified route and predicted t-storms for the day. This year we hope for 20 or more on the route.

    Hope to see you on course. The fall 200k is a real gem… A personal ride that I stitched together of some of my favorite dirt roads.

  5. I’m just hoping I’m up for the 100k. I haven’t done more than ~20 miles in one shot. Of course, I also haven’t stopped for coffee and a croissant, etc and paced the ride out to keep it going all day. Is it really that much of a jump from 20 to 60 miles? I’ve read that it really isn’t, assuming you’re bike fits you right and you ride regularly.

  6. Aaron –

    You’ve got 1 month for the 100k. Get up to a 40 mile ride in by the first week in June and you should be able to make it through. And think of the ride as 3 short rides – from control to control. The hardest stretch is 4-5 miles right in the middle – so pace yourself for it and you’ll make it.

    Then – think about the lake 200k. Its fairly flat for VT and it is in July…


    And – I’m nowhere near brevet riding shape. I’ll be pulling up the rear and enjoying every minute of these rides…

  7. Going to come up for the 100k from NYC. I can only imagine how pretty the riding must be. Very excited.

    I’m also planning on making the 200k in the fall. I can’t think of anything better than riding through VT that time of year.

  8. steve – great! we’ll see you in less than a month. the fall ride is a real treat, the 100k only a preview!

    lots of dirt! bring the fat(ter) tires!


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