We had a tough week last week – the family was dodging colds while packing and prepping for our move. We made it. Closed on the new place last Tuesday, moved on Wednesday, and turned over keys to our old place on Thursday. We are settling in to our new (old) cape in Burlington with 1/3 of an acre blank slate of a backyard for the dog and little one to enjoy. We have trees, grass, a fence, and a small garage. Ball chucking with the pooch and chasing the little one around ensued. Life is good.

Until that cough caught up with me. I went to urgent care Saturday morning after spiking a high fever and I’m being treated for pneumonia. Starting to feel human again after 2 days in bed catching up on some movie rentals. Hopefully my lungs will return in time to enjoy the VT 100k Cafe Cruise. It was going to be slow before I got sick, as I’m in a death spiral of riding form… now I just plan to enjoy a long day on the bike and to finish with some friends.

5 Replies to “Pneumonia”

  1. That is crazy! Glad that you guys are finally in though.

    After your bout with pneumonia I might have a small chance of keeping up with you ;}

    Hope you have a quick recovery.

    It’s so good to see the beast with a yard to run free in!

  2. Congratulations on your new place. I’m certainly keeping the cafe ride in mind. Hopefully it happen. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. thanks all. hoping the lungs settle down and i can get back to some bike time. patrick – did you ride by with em? should have dropped in. anytime!

    greg – looking forward to seeing you on the 100k.

    dave – hope you make it – but i know with house construction it will be tough.

  4. we would have, but we were losing light! we’ll swing by next time we’re out for a spin.

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