Update – VT Brevets

I’ve updated the info pages for the VT Brevets. I’ve added preliminary BikeRouteToaster course information. As always, final cue sheets will be handed out at the start. Use the GPX and preliminary information at your own risk. 🙂

Here are quick links to the routes:
Champlain 200k
Champlain 300k
Fall 200k

2 Responses to “Update – VT Brevets”

  1. patrick says:

    it’s likely that I won’t be around any of these. bummer. but, I’ll pre-ride each one if you need me too.

  2. mb says:

    what?!!!! no!!!!!!!!!!
    pre-ride… hmmm. perhaps for the 200k and 300k later in the summer, and maybe a section of the 100k that we didn’t cover.

    i’ve also had a rusa member from montpelier offer to help out – maybe we can get a pre-ride posse going?