Getting it Back

More please. Of this, when I didn’t blink to stay up late at a bonfire, ride a century the next day, then drive 6 hours home. Or this. Or this. Life is about balance. I need to recenter about the bike, for sure.

I just jumped off the coffee wagon, something I do on a semi regular basis now it seems. I’m getting my head sorted out. Mood is up (when I’m not in a sans-coffee induced stupor). Weight still needs to drop by 20 ‘pregnancy’ pounds (most of it was gone last fall before I blew out my back and my foot). And I need to claw back my fitness. Intensity needs to climb, as I slowly get a base back under me since getting the pneumonia out of my lungs.

It will come. I’ve been here before. Mind over matter. And then maybe I’ll get some of it back. Feeling like you can climb mountains all day long. Riding all day long and then some. Floating on the pedals. Chasing down your friends that took off uphill. I remember. Gotta work on getting it back. The clock cannot be turned back. But the body can adapt.

2 Replies to “Getting it Back”

  1. I’ve missed posts from you — glad you’re getting back at it. I find your long-distance cycling quite inspiring! I’ve now done my first two centuries within a month of each other and I’m itching for more …

  2. good motivation, man! you’ve done it before, and you *will* get it back.

    getting off coffee and just general “detox-lite” for a few weeks does wonders. really helps the re-centering effort – good for you. later!

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