NERds VT 100k

We had 20 riders start the first RUSA sanctioned brevet in Vermont – the VT 100k Cafe Cruise. Lots of fun. Thanks to all participants, and special thanks to Old Spokes Home for providing us with a launch and landing pad. The early morning bagels did the trick to get folks going.

Start photo compliments Chris McCown @ Old Spokes Home

If we handed out awards, we would give them to:

  • 2 riders from the NYC area who road tripped to experience some good VT backroads and fine cafe food (stops at On the Rise and The Village Cup)
  • A tandem team who came over from the lakes region of NH for the ride.
  • 1 rider from Montpelier, VT (40 miles+ or more one way) who rode to the 7am start @ Old Spokes Home, finished the event, then rode home. (He’s doing the NJ 600k this week)
  • 2 riders who battled a mechanical and made it in just at the buzzer.
  • Climbing Stage Rd. - up and up on the dirt. Photo compliments Chris McCown @ Old Spokes Home
    Finish photo compliments Chris McCown @ Old Spokes Home

    First riders were in @ 4h20m from the start.
    Last rider in just at the buzzer after fighting a tube / tire problem.

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    1. I’m blown away at those earlier finish times. I can only imagine those guys rocketing up those hills defying gravity.

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