VT Brevets – Press

We snagged a bit of press for our local Brevet series. Check out the article over at Seven Days.

*Note, the author did a fair job of translating our rambling interview into print. The one niggle I have is that I stressed the meditative aspects of long distance riding were similar but not a replacement for the experiences I have had while sitting. My limited experience through the Rochester Zen Center was inspiring and humbling. Zen is Zen. There is no substitute for practice, but there are many aspects of life that can be practice – working meditation, mindfulness, etc. To me this translates to the bike – when the mind clears and the focus is on the present. If only one could live an entire life in the present and mindful.

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  1. Very nice article! I think they did a good job of explaining randonneuring in a way non-cyclists can understand, and the interview bits have some great quotes from you.

  2. @ Aaron – the author contacted me, we met and chatted and I sent over a list of resources to peruse (but she had already done some of her homework!)

    @ Apertome – Thanks! This went way better than when I was interviewed by an Ohio paper about a big project I had just completed… but it was for work, with technical (building) jargon… so… I forgive. But it did make me look like I didn’t know what I was doing.

  3. Well I have to say that this is pretty cool. I think they did a good job of explaining the appeal of the challenge. The best part is I can just forward the article to people. I had a hard time explaining “the point” of randonneuring to people at work: “Wait, you rode your bike more than two miles, ON PURPOSE??!? Who won?”

  4. Very nice article. Probably the best basic description of randonneuring in the popular press I’ve read. Congratulations for snagging the covered of your first series. I’ll be sure to link to the article in a future post on my blog at some point. Hoping to get up to join you guys on your fall 200K.

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