Fall Classic Update

RUSA certification of both routes is pending. I pre-rode most of the 114k route in the rain last Sunday. Course is as beautiful as ever, and will be much nicer when things start to dry out this fall and we get a bit of early color.

Some notes:

114k has ~35 miles of dirt road
200k has ~ 61.5 miles of dirt road

Surface quality will vary based on weather nearing event time. I’ve done most of these roads on Conti 28’s (26mm mounted) and recently on some fat(ter) Pasela 28’s.

Terrain ranges from high single digit grinders to double digit sharp rollers to several double digit climbs. Check the 114k elevation plot or the 200k elevation plot for a good idea of what gearing to bring. Or you can follow along in Google Earth. 114k link here. 200k link here.

What goes up does come down – and there are some wonderful dirt descents. Views to Mt. Mansfield, Madonna Mt., and Camel’s Hump are stunning from various vantage points along the course.


Worn Spécialités TA ring that has served me from early spring of 2007 until late summer of 2010. Swapped out the 30/46 for 32/48 as I’m trying to avoid buying new TA rings ($$$!) – so I’ll run slightly higher gearing this fall. I might drop to 30/44 for the Fall Classic 200k for bailout options as there is Shaker Mt. Rd. to get over in the second half of the ride.


Course checked most of the 114k Fall Classic route on a wet, rainy, and muddy day. Slow going in some parts with all the water we had flowing… but good fun to be out on the bike. Modified the route as I took off and returned from home. ~3800 ft of climbing (by altimeter), average grade of 4% with max grades (several!) topping out at 16%. Lots of high single digit grades on dirt (short, sharp climbs) – and some double digit grinders. The wet slowed me down – but I still pulled out ~80 miles for the day. If we get a wet spell prior to the big day I’ll be running some 32 cross tires on the IF.

The first photo in this post is from a spot Thompson Rd., just as it turns to a single lane for a great descent. On clear days it looks like this.

This was the last ride for my current drive train components. Big ring is shark finned, chain was finished about 150 miles ago, rear cassette is showing its age in the middle range. I am debating running an 8spd setup on the rear – using my Ergo 10 lever to pull a Shimano rear mechanical over an 8spd cassette. Cost of keeping up the 10spd is pretty high when playing in the dirt…!


Vermont Sun Lake Dunmore Triathlon. Jen finished strong, besting her time from last year. Ava and I were experts at cheering her on and playing at the beach. Go mama!

Fall 114k! (and 200k)

Requests have been made that I add some shorter routes to our VT Brevet calendar. I aim to please – so I’ve added a 114k (71 mile) Populaire to the calendar. This ride will run concurrently with the Fall Classic 200k on September 25. The routes share the first 53 miles – which will allow friends and family to have a good, partial day on the bike and enjoy a control stop together at the popular Village Cup.

Start time is 6am, but I’m working to change that to a bit later. RUSA certification is pending – we may not get the 114k done – but an unofficial ride will still be available – cues and such available at the start.

More information is on the Fall Classic page.


Up early. On the trail by 7:30 – 7:45. Mt. Mansfield ‘The Forehead’ by 9:30. Eating lunch in Underhill by 11. Good morning, off the bike, but a much needed recharge hike.