6 Replies to “Fall Classic 200k Brevet and 114k Populaire”

  1. Thanks for putting on the ride!! Great route, great weather, great ride. I will surely be participating in any Brevet series offered next year. Thanks again.

  2. Mike , you put on a great ride. The route was incredibly scenic and challenging. One my favorite this year. I plan driving from Philly to ride it again next year.

  3. Thank You Mike. 3 of us drove up from cape cod to do our first ever brevet. Unfortunately one of our riders ran into some mechanical problems . We didn’t get to do the full 200k but we were able to do the 100k. So what. We rode home with some great memories and anticipation for next year’s series. Thanks to the hepful staff at Old Spokes Home. What a great shop.

  4. Derrik – thanks for the kind words and thanks so much for coming up to ride. Sorry to hear about the mechanical issues.

    Houston and Pete – thanks for riding! Glad you enjoyed the route – I’ve been working at stitching it together over the last 3 years.

    All – watch for more info on next years rides – we’d love to have you again!

  5. I don’t know how on earth you find these routes. I’ve scratched my head looking at google maps trying to find fun places to go and I never come up with anything nearly as interesting (or as challenging) as these routes you put together. I’m going to attempt my first century next week, the route I put together is based mostly on the Champlain 200k that I missed.

    I’m definitely looking forward to whatever you come up with for the next season. Let me know if you need any volunteers for staffing controls, etc on the longer rides; I’d love to help out if I can, and I know a few other people who would probably be up for it as well.

  6. Aaron – sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Where are you riding? Plattsburgh ferry to Essex ferry? Sunday? Email me.

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