Fall Riding


Another great day out on the bike. Spent the first 20 or so miles with the usual suspects then rode solo to meet the family in Cambridge for a harvest festival. Picnic lunch, great scenery and a field full of Trebuchets tossing pumpkins made for an interesting afternoon. Color was perfect. Temps were cool. Sky was blue. Could not have asked for a better day today.

4 Replies to “Fall Riding”

  1. Went out East Rd. then to Westford Rd.
    128 to 104. No need to ride 15.
    Lots of traffic out. Peepers!
    104 wasn’t bad…

    We’re spoiled, for sure riding on quiet roads most of the time.
    I’m not sure how the local roadeos do it, always on the busy pavement.

  2. ah, it looks like you coulda taken hardscrabble and rogers. We like those roads on 23c tires and 125 psi. 🙂

  3. Thought about it. But was running short on time.
    Also thought about hitting Rollin Irish to Stage or Huntley.
    Kept to the pave and put my head down.
    Wind was interesting. Don’t think I had a true tail wind all day.

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