3 Replies to “Busted”

  1. Mike,

    I found your blog through your profile on bikepacking.net. I noticed that you are attempting the TD in 2013. Im going to do it in 2012. I read your blog from the beginning this weekend and found it riveting. Your words have inspired me to increase my riding this year. I also noticed that you know Patrick whom I also know through CX at Catamount. I would be interested to talk with you sometime for some pointers on the Brevets. thanks, Wil

  2. Hey Wil,

    Nice to have you following along. A small group of us try to ride on Sunday mornings. Usually with a coffee start or stop. Want to meet up this fall and we can chat / ride?

  3. That would be great Mike. I may delay a little. I am currently on a SS road/cx bike and I am putting an 8 speed IGH on it at the end of the month. I don’t know what pace you guys ride but I want to give myself a better chance of sticking with the group. I see you ride all about. When on Sundays do you ride. My wife runs on sunday so I have to share the day.

    Thanks again, Wil

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