Recent Snaps

6 Responses to “Recent Snaps”

  1. bridge troll says:

    I escaped from under the causeway!!!

  2. Wil says:


    Nice pics. How did the ride go Sunday post T-day?


  3. mb says:

    35+ miles, half of them into a stiff cold headwind to the Red Brick Store in Charlotte. Good fun.

  4. mb says:

    You are a shape shifter more than a troll! Was cold out there changing that tire. The only ‘Challenge’ with those tires is keeping the puncture count down.

  5. Wil says:

    I rode by proxy when I was in Virginia Beach. I put down 33 miles on “Black Friday”. I had forgotten how flat it is there.

    my big ass knows all about punctures. I kid not, this past summer I had probably two dozen just commuting. Granted they were 23c tires with no chance of survival, but still. That is one good thing about running ‘cross tires. I have had only one flat in the same amount of time.

    Hope to catch up with everyone this weekend.

  6. Challenge Shareholders says:

    Life is too short to ride cheap tires. Now, let me go examine my proxy ballot… 😉