Fast Snow

Warm temps during the day dipping below freezing over night + skiers and walkers out have made the local trails pretty quick. Had a blast yesterday and today riding a mix of ski trail and single track out the back door.

The Lakes are a holiday present from my sweeties. Wishing I’d had picked these up years ago. So comfortable. So warm. I’ve returned to riding clipped in after having to wear winter boots with platforms to keep my frozen toes somewhat warm. Can’t wait to get on the fixed gear again in the cold… and these will come in handy with our early brevets and training next year.

5 Replies to “Fast Snow”

  1. Sounds like a blast! I keep hearing how awesome the Lake boots are, but they’re just too expensive for me. What an amazing gift (and not just because they’re pricey, very thoughtful also)!

  2. Do they happen to be size 13? If so, keep your eye on them. I borrowed a pair from my friend and they are nice. Maybe I will borrow them again for Sunday.

  3. Those are very cool – I’ve been wondering if anybody made a clipless winter shoe/boot (not that I have any use for them here in SoCal…)

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