Great Day

Great Day on the Pugs. Logged ~32 miles. We had a short section on road getting back to the house so Wil could take out the Soma in the snow – but the balance was the Intervale, some single track, plenty of bike path, and two different stretches of beach. Had full immersion of my feet on the beach getting around some high water – but I was close to home so the cold was more of a shock than anything I had to worry about.

I’m pretty close on the cockpit setup. Went back to the stock Salsa bar, adjusted the tilt and moved the levers. Went with a longer stem from the stock bike.

Lesson learned today: Railroad tracks under snow are very slick, especially when hit at an acute angle.

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  1. Looks great Mike. BVT seems like a great place to ride a pugs.

    A gem I found last winter, Little River State Park. The dog sleds pack down the main loops like nothing else, and the loops up high towards the VAST trail ride great as well. I need to rebuild a wheel, and I could explore with you.

  2. @ jason – looking forward to little river and other areas. have access to a bit of VAST trails not far away in colchester. need some more snow to make that happen. would love a guided tour – but you could be riding a pug in wet concrete with no wheels and i’d be on my road bike with a motopace and you’d still be way faster than me. 😉

    @apertome – thanks. been enjoying it. starting to eye rides further afield.

  3. Mike, have you thought about slamming your seat forward a bit…mtb in the snow may be better with a bit less set back. More weight forward, less washouts?

  4. @jim – i had the saddle forward – but felt cramped, and felt odd things in my quads / knees. slid it back, feels more natural now. (or at least in line with my other bikes…) need to check my knee over pedal measurement. on the Soma I’ve been running a slightly dropped saddle but have it slid back a bit. on the IF I have all sorts of numbers from my pro-fit when I built the bike. translating 1 to the other is a bit of mystery to me, as I’m not that experienced with the MTB / fit / etc.

    I dropped another 2-3 psi from the tires. Rear might be 6-7. Front is probably 7-8. That helped the front quite a bit.

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