Garage door seal makes a great first layer for thickening up the padding on bars. Early in the day while moving some boxes in the garage the remnant of a former home improvement project tumbled to the floor. Later that night I was debating opening up a new pack of bar tape only to have it disappear under a double wrap. I looked down to see the answer right under foot. I electric taped a piece of the door sealer to the bars, then bar wrapped over the top. So far its quite comfortable.

4 Replies to “Padding”

  1. they are plush for sure. Mike, check out my post “sunday outing” and look at the 6th picture down of your Soma. not a detailed bike shot but pretty cool. I especially like the subtle shadow on the pebbles.

  2. Wil, that picture is way cool. I really like it. Was a good day out for sure. Looking forward to more riding… when are you starting the century a month?

  3. January will be the first one. I will get my bike dialed in over the holidays with the IGH and be set to make it happen. We will need to talk packs, gear soon.

  4. yes. i’m picking up that sewing machine this week. should get a lesson on it over the holidays… and then attempt to sew a frame bag.
    on the list to make: pogies!, frame bag, smaller seat bag for the IF, front bag for the IF, basic bivvy (tyvek?), 2 person tarp that hangs off the bike (have some ideas about using the saddle with some guy lines to hold 1 end up…

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